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City of the Future Program



Times have changed. Our population has changed. Most municipalities continue to be plagued with a multitude of financial and operational challenges, while many more Americans are moving to cities, reversing decade-long trends of settling in the suburbs. Our cities and towns are flush with tradition and old habits that continue to fortify old ideas. Undeniably, this creates formidable issues and challenges for all involved. 

BlumShapiro recognizes just how daunting this degree of change can be. For this reason, we have developed the following six-step approach to help municipalities evolve into the City of the Future. 

STEP 1: Strategic Framework—engages senior leadership in the process of establishing a robust set of operating principles on how they prefer to manage the municipality’s long-term strategy and evolution;

STEP 2: Baseline Assessment—reviews the current municipal work processes and determines areas for improvement;

STEP 3: Target Vision—develops a vivid and compelling City of the Future vision story that describes where the municipality needs to be in the future;

STEP 4: Opportunities Identification—compares and contrasts the current and target modes of operation and delivery of services, and identifies gaps between the two that must be filled in order for the City to achieve its vision for its City of the Future;

STEP 5: Implementation Plan (Action Planning)—defines and documents the projects and programs that must be executed in order to achieve the target vision, and plots them on a timeline (based on interdependencies and strategic significance) to create a “prioritized” plan of attack; and,

STEP 6: Plan Administration Process—presents recommendations on how the municipality can manage the execution and evolution of its City of the Future strategic plan over the course of time.

The projects and programs identified in the City of the Future strategic plan all seek to transform the city. The transformational elements typically addressed include:

Ultimately, city leaders must begin to think differently about what it takes to flourish. They need to break down the “silos” between individual city departments and begin to think and operate as a team, as one unit. They need to build a roadmap that can take them from where they are today to where they need to be in the future. They need to enable their residents, business owners and visitors to readily engage and participate in the necessary transformation. 

About BlumShapiro

BlumShapiro has a rich history of working with municipalities to provide a pragmatic approach to better government with its City of the Future offering.

Our first-hand experience gives BlumShapiro unique insight into creating practical solutions, while providing thoughtful and prudent advice on advancing ideas and best practices within municipal government. 

Rooted in responsible government and accountability for creating public value, BlumShapiro will help municipal governments identify new ideas and present provocative insights that help them to reimagine and create their vision of the City of the Future.

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