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A Re-imagined Quality of Life

It is time to think out-of-the-box, to reimagine a place in which everyone belongs and feels safe. Your city can become that place—a “City of the Future”, that is attractive, vibrant and alive. Can you imagine that city? It is inhabited by talented people, thriving schools and plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators.

We, at BlumShapiro Consulting, through our “City of The Future” consulting offerings, can help you get there.

Here is a glimpse of what we can help you to do:

  • Your city has enhanced public transportation services, reduced gridlock and improved infrastructure using state-of-the art solutions. You’ve expanded the bus fleet, redesigned the roads and implemented smart traffic lights, which has led to smoother traffic flows and minimal congestion. You know the most popular travel destinations in your city and incorporated them into your transportation plan. Residents and visitors are now able to easily travel around the city. There are options for travelers: people can drive, ride, carpool and walk all throughout your beautiful city, safely, and efficiently. In turn, people are getting out more and truly enjoying all your city has to offer.
  • You’ve leveraged modern public safety science to become a “safety hub” in the region where all people feel secure to live, work and visit. You have utilized modern technologies and data capture systems to become a city that coordinates, manages and enables public safety among your citizenry. Police, Fire and EMS all embrace preventive measures as tactical elements in avoiding unsafe events. Your public safety departments have become major resources for residents and, as a result, are highly trusted with the well-being of your citizenry. Crime is down, and your city’s systems have become a model for surrounding communities.
  • Your city has become a place where people are proud to live, work and play. With top-ranked schools, thriving businesses and a diverse culture, what’s not to love about your city? You’ve used the Internet and social media as tools to bring citizens in your city together, encourage dialogue and build a strong sense of community where residents want to be and are committed to thrive. With a vibrant downtown, sprawling parks and green spaces, visitors can easily appreciate your city for its charismatic charm.

BlumShapiro Consulting will help your city identify areas for improvement and will drive your planning efforts to become the city that you want it to become. Our vision and strategic planning offerings can help you create your future city story–describing what it looks like, how it feels to be there and what makes it so captivating. Working with BlumShapiro Consulting, you can put a plan in motion to get your city on the track to the future, attracting and welcoming new businesses and residents, improving schools, enhancing public safety and beautifying your city.

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