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Education Transformation

Your city realizes that in order to propel itself into the future, it must build upon its greatest asset—your people. In order to compete in an ever-changing economy, respond to disruptive technologies and assimilate with a more interconnected world, the “City of the Future” requires a full transformation of its education delivery. Doing so will not only bring a new generation of workers and thinkers into the city, but it will accelerate the impact they can provide to the city and beyond.

Here is what it may look like:

  • Your city has prepared all students for the 21st Century economy. You have enjoyed many measurable benefits that come with producing better-educated citizens and higher-skilled workers. Your commitment to preparing the children for the new economy has led to trade and industry improvements at both the local and regional levels. Graduates are able to compete with the best on broader levels across all industries.
  • Emerging technologies have enabled your city to deliver education beyond the classroom. Additionally, a greater school-home connection has been forged through the use of these technologies. This has led to better educational outcomes for city youth as they prepare to compete at the top of the job market. This early exposure to such new and innovative technologies not only improves the overall contact between schools and students, but also builds students’ abilities to be adaptive and interact across different real and virtual environments—skills that are increasingly vital in today’s ever-changing work environment.
  • Innovative learning programs and advanced student management systems have contributed to better readiness of your city’s children. You implemented educational academies that provide your students a more individualized course of study. In addition, by tracking students past graduation, your city has been able to gain helpful insights into poverty levels, job placement, average household income and other measurable quality-of-life outcomes, and use them to modify and improve its education delivery model.

BlumShapiro Consulting will help your city deliver on this vision of education transformation by working with you to create strategies to build a strong foundation of educated children who will grow into responsible citizens and contribute to the betterment of society. These young people will become the backbone of a highly trained and educated workforce. Surrounding communities will be captivated by your city’s ability to inject innovation and creativity into the delivery of education.

As you can see, these are just some of the ideas that make up a transformed educational path in the “City of the Future”. By working in partnership with you, BlumShapiro Consulting will help your city develop and transform into this positive, yet sustainable, vision for education delivery.

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