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Governance and Organizational Transformation

Change can be difficult, even scary at times. Residents, business leaders and visitors need to know what is planned and how they fit into this plan. Therefore, city leaders must have a vision, a plan and a willingness to communicate early and often in order to demystify the changes that are taking place in their cities. Our “City of the Future” offerings help to establish the overall governance and drive the transformation efforts needed to engage stakeholders in the change process.

Here is what it may look like:

  • Your vision for becoming the “City of the Future” has been realized. It is not enough to provide the conventional municipal services; a city must be a leader in service innovation, environmental sustainability and social and economic justice. Your city has become progressive in anticipating and responding to the needs of its citizens. By going above and beyond, your city is now considered the creative and cultural center in your region.
  • All decision-making stems from your strategic plan. Your city is constantly forward-moving, and you have a strategic plan to guide you. Knowing that a strategic plan is more than budget management, your city’s leadership team has forged a multi-year strategic plan from which all decisions are derived. By consistently evolving the plan, the effects of parochial agendas have been minimized, and your city has been able to achieve its vision and can readily reshape it to keep the city vibrant and alive.
  • Leadership at City Hall has set the tone for change. Leadership skills have been honed at your city and are a driving force in centering operations. Policies and directives are communicated effectively. Decisions are based on accurate information and made in a timely fashion. The organizational structure has been refined to meet the needs of your community and your work processes. Employees are heard, contribute their own ideas for improvement and have the authority and skills to make day-to-day decisions in order to get their work done well and on time. As a whole, your city has now become a team and has shared goals in place.

BlumShapiro Consulting will help your city deliver on this vision of governance and organizational transformation by working with you to create a strategic plan that will shape city decision-making and set a tone for change. Our team can assist yours in defining and prioritizing the steps necessary to becoming a “City of the Future”.

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