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Government Transparency

Recent years have brought a rekindled emphasis on transparency. Citizens want to know the facts and they want them in an unvarnished way—free from spin and manipulation. Your city will redefine communication lines between city leadership and the citizens that they represent. The “City of the Future” will embody a culture of openness and honesty. People will have real-time access to information that is timely, accurate, relevant and reliable. They will access that information in the form, format and style that they desire.

Here is what it may look like:

  • Your city has improved transparency and citizen participation. The citizens of your city demanded a transparent government and they got it! By focusing on timely and clear communication between city leadership and its citizens, you have been able to create a culture of openness, something greatly desired by taxpayers. By reinventing lines of communication, your city was able to leverage one of the most valuable resources available—the ideas of its stakeholders.
  • Your city has leveraged emerging technologies to keep its citizens better informed. You focused on the delivery of timely and clear communication between City Hall and the citizenry by making selected investments in improving the communication infrastructure. Mobile technology, cloud computing and social networks all play a part. The increased use of these technologies has enabled citizens to have on-demand access to the city’s services anytime, anywhere and through the communication medium that they prefer.
  • Your city has employed innovative ways to finance key projects and services. Using new concepts that better leverage return on taxpayer investment, your city has been able to diversify its revenue streams. Innovative financing mechanisms like social impact bonds, pay-for-success contracts and tax-increment financing have all been used in the most transparent ways to invest in creating your city’s future. As a by-product, your service offerings are no longer limited by regular budget cycles and roll-forward planning.

BlumShapiro Consulting will help your city deliver on this vision of government transparency by working with you to build the appropriate framework for cultural change. Citizens are demanding more data and fiscal accountability, and you will be able to provide it!

As you can see, these are just some of the ideas that result in improved transparency and accountability in the “City of the Future.” BlumShapiro Consulting will work in partnership with you to help your city embrace change and create a more open and honest exchange of information and ideas—one that is critically important in today’s public service environment.

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