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Innovative Service Delivery

It is not enough to be efficient in delivering services to your city’s constituents—you need to be effective.

Over the years, rigid departments and roll-forward budgets have created a static alignment of services thought of as effectively meeting citizens’ needs. However, as broader socio-economic cycles have shown, service delivery capabilities don’t always match demand. Your city has a tremendous opportunity to implement a more flexible service-delivery structure that leverages innovative organizational structures and reporting models that better meet the demands of a discerning citizenry.

Here is what it may look like:

  • Traditional service silos have given way to a broader team-based service delivery model. Breaking down the department-centric service structure, your city has embraced the concept of the “holistic citizen experience” in delivering services. Programs collaborate with each other where value is added, and citizens no longer see a plethora of departments each serving their individual functions. Rather, citizens interact with service teams that are most able to provide a single municipal experience.
  • “In it together” management and teamwork are in place. The old ways of running your city have given way to a new team-based approach. There is less bureaucracy when the organization is flatter. It is more responsive to the requirements of the job. City leadership still sets direction and manages change, but team-based city units get the job done. As a result, more rigor, discipline and teamwork results and is closest to where the work is actually done.
  • Your city has right-sized services to improve the citizen experience. Realizing that service delivery and demand tend to get out of balance over time, your city has implemented innovative ways of delivering services. Regionalization, shared services and privatization are just some of the groundbreaking models used. As a result, the service delivery model is far more scalable than before and is better positioned to meet future demand.
  • Use of online tools and emerging technologies has enabled your city to enhance service delivery through automated processes and citizen engagement. A suite of online service and information access has decreased manual paperwork and processing, and, as a result, your city has begun to work smarter, thereby making constituents more contented.

Outlined here are just some of the ideas that make up improved service delivery in the “City of the Future”. BlumShapiro Consulting will work in partnership with you to help your city embrace change and create a more innovative, flexible government, one that can effectively adapt to any and all situations. We will help your city realize its vision of innovative service delivery by working with you to build a reimagined work structure and organizational designs.

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