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State-of-the-Art Public and Social Services

The “City of the Future” will revolutionize the way public and social services are developed and delivered. Faced with the very real issues of citizens’ demanding accountability and efficiency in government, it is up to us to alter traditional service approaches. Historically, program needs guided spending and policy decisions, but there is an opportunity to change how public and social programs are designed and delivered by introducing increased flexibility and collaboration into service delivery models.

Here is what this environment may look like:

  • An “outside-in” perspective guides everything we do. It’s impossible to always have all the answers or even know all the right questions. That’s why the best results have been achieved by embracing an “outside-in” point of view. By routinely seeking outside viewpoints before acting, we continuously evaluate how well we are doing. In this way, we have been able to avoid mistakes in service delivery, minimize the need for rework and ensure that a positive impact is achieved.
  • Our flexible workforce enables a “one-stop shopping” service model. Today, a more flexible and empowered workforce supports “one-stop shopping” that enables the delivery of the “right” services, in the “right” way, at the “right” time to have full impact. No longer do our citizens need to worry about how to traverse city government to receive the services that they need.
  • “Point-of-contact” information collection is constant. City government is wired and integrated. Vast databases that are fed at the point-of-contact replaced duplicate filing and paper processing. There is less time wasted in applicant processing and better access to information needed to deliver services. Consequently, work is done and services are delivered and received in a more fluid way, resulting in less frustration for all.

BlumShapiro Consulting will help your city foster this futuristic model for enhanced public and social service delivery. We will work with you to develop innovative approaches that can be delivered today. Working together, we will create partnerships with citizenry, departments and other stakeholders to create a plan to reinvent the way “business is done” in your city. BlumShapiro Consulting’s guidance will enable you to become the “City of the Future” by creating a strategic plan that injects flexibility, adaptability and collaboration into service delivery in order to provide the best overall experience for all concerned.

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