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BlumShapiro additionally provides specialized consulting services, such as organization and process improvement studies, revenue enhancement projects, school construction financial management, information technology security studies, evaluation and installation of software and construction claims services to numerous local municipalities.

Our Consulting Group delivers capabilities that drive strategy and improve business performance. With extensive industry and process expertise, a reputation for excellence and integrity, and a track record of success, BlumShapiro assembles the right people, skills and technology to deliver solutions for cutting operating costs, streamlining technology and operations, eliminating inefficiencies and assessing fraud risk.

Technology Consulting

Whether you have challenges managing the mountains of information your organization produces every month, are looking for ways to improve the collaboration and productivity of your employees or need to gain better insight into your business, BlumShapiro can help. BlumShapiro, a Microsoft Partner, has developed a proven track record for helping organizations large and small tackle these and other challenges through the effective use of Microsoft technologies. Learn more >>

Management and Operational Consulting

Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage change is a critical competency for organizations. BlumShapiro helps organizations prepare for coming changes, manage the complex organizational and process transition to the desired state, operate successfully with a new solution and achieve the greatest long-term value from their business transformation efforts. Learn more >>

Process & Controls Consulting

BlumShapiro’s Process and Controls Consulting Group has developed, evaluated and enhanced the internal control systems of many companies and organizations. Through our experiences, we have developed a proven methodology that results in effective and efficient compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley documentation and evaluation of internal controls. We understand and work with the financial statement auditors to expedite the attestation of the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls.

Financial Software 

Our Software group works with organizations of all sizes to implement top “back office” technologies to help businesses manage their day-to-day activities while providing financial insight to key performance indicators that drive future business decisions. Learn More >>

Accounting Outsourcing

If you find that having the right people is a challenge or perhaps you’re not quite ready for a full time C-Level person but need that level of guidance, our group can be your “back office.” Learn More >>

Forensic and Investigative Accounting

Our team of highly trained specialists is uniquely qualified to investigate, analyze and identify suspected and actual cases of wrongdoing. We have achieved the highest levels of accreditation as Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors (CIRA) and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF).

Computer Forensics and eDiscovery

In eDiscovery, we work with companies and organizations to develop ways to identify, store, preserve and retrieve electronic data. We help businesses put in place the policies and practices they need to save critical information in the event of possible litigation. Our consultants help to identify the types of data stored by a company and where that data is located. Learn more >>

Fraud Risk Assessments

Fraud schemes can continue for years undetected and are often committed by long-time trusted employees. The best way to deal with fraud is to prevent it. At BlumShapiro we take a proactive approach to preventing fraud with our five-step process. Learn more >>

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Advisors | Auditors | Consultants | CPAs – BlumShapiro is one of the premier government focused accounting firms in New England and a Top 100 CPA Firm in the U.S. Our professionals serve government agencies, cities, towns, municipalities and quasi-government organizations in Boston (MA), Hartford (CT), Cranston (RI), Shelton (CT), Quincy (MA)and Newton (MA) with audit, tax and business consulting services. We are members of the Government Finance Officers Association, Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Connecticut Council of Small Towns and the Government Finance Officers Association of Rhode Island. Learn more about our City of the Future offerings.